Watch This Before You Sign Up For Google Stadia


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When Google Stadia releases in November 2019, it could be a turning point in the history of gaming. So we've compiled everything you need to know about Google's foray into the big leagues of gaming so you'll be as informed as possible before you sign up. Will Stadia revolutionize how we play video games, or is this just another Google pipedream?

At this point, you know how video games work. You have to buy a console or PC, buy a disc or download games directly to the hard drive, and play from there. Everything is local to whatever device you have. Google wants to throw all that convention out the window by letting you stream games directly to a variety of devices. You'll connect directly to one of Google's servers, which will do all the processing while streaming the game to you. With Stadia, your gaming experiences could all be wireless, and as long as you have a decent internet connection, you could play games theoretically anywhere.

Watch This Before You Sign Up For Google Stadia!

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What is Google Stadia? | 0:17
What devices work with Stadia? | 0:46
Internet speed? | 1:30
What games are on Stadia? | 2:21
Will there be exclusives? | 3:04
Controller details? | 3:38
Stadia Base or Stadia Pro? | 4:30
What's up with the Founder's Edition? | 5:12
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