Action Women: Derezzed (Movie montage)


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My tribute to my favorite action women in cinema (61 films). Music: #&34;Derezzed#&34; by Daft Punk, extracted from the soundtrack album of #&34;Tron Legacy#&34;. I tried to avoid superpowered characters (Jean Grey, Storm, Elastigirl, Liz Sherman). 61 FILMS USED (listed in order of first appearance): Aliens Star Wars: A new hope Terminator 2 The Matrix Crouching tiger, hidden dragon Haywire The fifth element Batman returns Kill Bill, Vol. 1 Doomsday Mr. and Mrs. Smith Inglourious basterds Salt From dusk till dawn Hero Scott Pilgrim vs. the World Kill Bill, Vol. 2 House of Flying Daggers Centurion The Avengers Serenity Sin City Underworld 3 Avatar Strange days The girl with the dragon tattoo Priest Colombiana The Return of the Jedi Hanna Resident Evil Death Proof Total Recall (1990) Robocop The Losers Wanted Pandorum Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol Iron Man 2 Watchmen X-Men Long Kiss Goodnight Red I am number 4 Looper Zombieland Tron Legacy The Dark Knight Rises Thelma & Louise Resident Evil: Apocalypse Conan the Barbarian True grit Nikita Dawn of the dead The brave one River Wild The quick and the dead The assassin Copycat True romance Blue steel MOVIES I WANTED TO INCLUDE BUT FINALLY LEFT OUT FOR EDITING REASONS: - The Descent - Hunger Games - Leon the professional - Dredd - Cutthroat Island - Joan of Arc - Super MOVIES I DIDN'T USE BECAUSE I DIDN'T WANT TO: - Underworld, Underworld Evolution, Underworld Awakening, Van Helsing, Total Recall (2012) and any other film that tries to portray big-headed snooty Kate Beckinsale as an action woman - King Arthur, Domino and the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy (even I could kick Keira Knightley's bony ass) - Kick-Ass (Hit Girl) - Sucker Punch - UltraViolet - John Carter (Dejah Thoris) - Charlie's Angels - Tomb Raider - Aeon Flux - Planet Terror - Catwoman - The Return of the King (Eowyn) - Elektra - Snow White and the Huntsman - Dead or alive - Bloodrayne
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