Kodi on XBox One

Published 11 months ago

Will Kodi work on Xbox One?

The answer to this question is yes! Kodi can be installed and does work on XBOX One, very well actually.

How to add Kodi to Xbox One?

Installing Kodi on the Xbox One is actually a very straight forward process. Here are the steps;

1. Go the Microsoft Store on your Xbox One console.

2. Search for the Kodi app and install it to your XBOX.

3. Once installed, open the Kodi app and take note of the version. (it may say leia v8.2) This may be important when choosing which build to install on your Kodi.

4. Open up the settings within the Kodi app. (this should be a cog symbol in the top left of the screen)

5. On the settings screen: Go to > System.

6. From System, the next step is Go to > Add ons and from within this menu, you should enable "unknown sources" This will allow you to install any Kodi build that you choose.

7. Once you have enabled "unknown sources" the next step is to Go Back to the main settings menu and then Go to > File Manager.

8. In File Manager Go to > "Add source" and then Go to > <unknown> and enter https://jewbmx.github.io and Click "Ok"

9. Now you should name the source so that you can identify it yourself. 

10. Now you have a source you can go back to the settings menu and Go to > Add ons and then Go to > Install from Zip file.

11. Find the source on the list - it will be named what you decided in the previous step.

12. Once you see a pop up in the top right corner saying "add on installed" you can now install from repository.

13. Finish the on-screen steps to install and restart your Kodi app on your Xbox One.

The Kodi build we gave in this tutorial is called Bearded Bandit however there are hundreds of different builds with various slick looking user interfaces. 

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